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Windows The general gist? A minor update somewhere this year, but the real update won't come until 2014. In the meantime, we'll have to... "Resuming..." ...settle for CardDAV/CalDAV support, some additional HTML5 support, and fixes for Xbox Music metadata. We were promised regular updates and an early access program for enthusiasts - but Microsoft failed to deliver, once more. For all intents and purposes, thanks... "Resuming..." the switch to the Windows NT kernel, the Windows Phone we're using today has very little additional functionality to offer over what we were using on WP7 release day. I've been a Windows Phone user since WP7 release day, but Microsoft has lost me.
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Windows Phone is proof MS is doomed.
by reduz on Fri 12th Jul 2013 18:58 UTC
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Windows Phone, Windows 8, IE11, the failure of Windows Vista and then success of Windows 7,the recent reorg. at Microsoft, the failure of the Surface, to me all point to the same.

It seems no one has realized it by now, but at this point i'm almost convinced.

The closed software development model of MS is making the company slow and unable to compete.

When all the industry was like Microsoft, they had the edge, but now all their competitors base much of their platforms in open technologies, and are able to advance their product development cycles much, much faster.

Microsoft sticking to NIH and doing everything in-house is clearly holding them back. They were always like this, pushing products earlier and then getting them to mature state after many release cycles. But this doesn't work anymore in today's software ecosystem.

So, they are falling behind the rest of the industry by releasing products that seem promising but are still not quite there (making users unhappy), or by being forced to abandon technologies because they have no longer resources or money to allocate to them (making developers unhappy). It also doesn't help they want to focus into devices now (making hardware partners unhappy).

So, yeah, I believe their pride will be their doom if they don't change course and start playing nice with everyone else.

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