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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Mir, Ubuntu's in-progress replacement for the X Window System, is being used internally at Ubuntu developer Canonical and will be available to all users in the next version of the operating system. Mir was announced in March, with Canonical saying that a new display server is needed to power the Unity interface across desktops, phones, and tablets." Anyone here experience with Mir? Is it any good? any downsides?
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by Finalzone on Fri 12th Jul 2013 19:52 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by BBAP"
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1) Complete control over the project ( so they can ensure it works exactly like they want for Unity).

2) Compatibility with Android device drivers.

Complete control over the project was part of Canonical plan since its inception. Unfortunately, history has shown that mindset led to its downfall, ask SUN. About compatibility with Android drivers, Canonical is using Surfaceflinger which turned out to be ad-hoc hack Wayland avoids:

In addition, it turned out Mir is nothing more than a modified early Wayland, Wayland itself can use Android drivers through extensions:

I think Ubuntu rightly sees a great business opportunity in having a single operating system on phones, tablets and desktop computers. I'm not sure if the cost is worth it though. I'd prefer something like KDE where you can have the same applications but with a different gui depending on your form factor ( Desktop, notebook, tablet).

Canonical made bad business decisions in this case. Wayland already reached these goal canonical tried to reach through Jolla and Tizen. The burden will be the long term maintainance of Mir in these kind of environment especially enterprise. It seems Canonical still learned nothing from their failed webTV venture.

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