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Apple Were Apple to once again start licensing its operating system to third-party 'Mac clone' hardware makers, it could reignite the OS wars. Yet whether Apple will go this route - and whether doing so would be smart - remains to be seen.
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RE: Unbundling
by alcibiades on Sun 6th Nov 2005 04:51 UTC in reply to "Unbundling"
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"If your seriously interested in running MacOS X, get Apple hardware. Simple as that."

That is not the issue. It is not about what any of us want to do, the interesting discussion, if we could only have it, would be about what the company can and should do.

The argument is that the company can and should sell its OS to people who want to buy it, but do not want to buy the Apple hardware to run it on. The argument is, this might be better for the company. You can think this about business strategy, without having any desire to run OSX on anything. Business strategy for companies doesn't have much to do with what we personally want to do.

Somebody please mod this down to -5: the man is trying to make rational points, should be stopped at once.

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