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Windows I have a Surface RT tablet. I bought it because I'm a Windows Phone user, and despite its major flaws, I still hate WP much less than I hate its competitors. As such, it made sense to me that I would like the Surface RT as well - I mean, my favourite UI on a tablet? Count me in! It should come as no surprise by now that Windows RT was a major disappointment, so now that the Windows 8.1 preview is here, did Microsoft address any of the major problems?
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So a lack of OpenGL, no free device, and a USB flash drive are what's holding you back?

Actually, free device and usb flash drive I don't really care much about.. I purchased a Lumia while in the states with the hopes of porting my stuff (I develop an in-company 3D & 2D game engine that we use to make plenty of games for our clients, and occasionally license to other companies, and will hopefully be open sourced begining next year).

But writing a 3D renderer is a lot of work, each time I have to port the engine to a new platform that has a different rendering API (like 3DS, PS3, PSVita) It takes me a couple of weeks to get every little detail working, plus optimizing it. Anything else is rather easy to port.

I used to have a DirectX9 backend originally which was the main backend and worked nice, but when the mobile trend started and Macs started gaining more relevance, I just moved everything to OpenGL ES 2.0, which worked virtually everywhere.

So it really puzzles me Microsoft is not supporting this standard. They honestly don't have anything to gain by pushing DirectX at this point as an alternative and OpenGL ES is way too relevant to ignore now, and if they are adding WebGL support to IE11, it's just a bit more work to get there.

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