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Google "The Moto X is apparently always listening for commands, the initiating command appears to be 'Ok Google Now' without having to load Google Now or select voice operation, after hearing this command the phone instantly responds with the information you require or performs the function you want, like providing directions or setting reminders or other Google Now functions." Google always listening in? Sure, that's not creepy at all or anything.
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RE: Well ...
by ssokolow on Sun 14th Jul 2013 18:36 UTC in reply to "Well ..."
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If you want to be paranoid, how do you know Google isn't already listening, just because you can't actually do anything useful with it?

Hence why it's not a bad idea to install a custom ROM, built from known-good source by a trusted project. They could go down in flames if it was discovered that they were sneaking spyware in.

(Same basic principle as running Debian as a desktop OS. They've got too much to lose.)

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