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Graphics, User Interfaces "In its desire for authenticity, the Modern design movement curbed the ornamental excess of the 19th century, making design fit the age of mass production. Today, we're seeing the same desire for authenticity manifest itself in the 'flat' trend, which rejects skeuomorphism and excessive visuals for simpler, cleaner, content-focused design." Fascinating perspective on the whole digital vs. analog design debate by Dmitry Fadeyev.
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strangely enough....
by unclefester on Wed 17th Jul 2013 08:39 UTC
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Strangely enough the "ignorant" masses overwhelming prefer the highly embellished architecture designed prior to the 20t century 19th to modern minimalist architecture (the Parthenon was originally a lurid technicolor creation rather than stark white marble shell that remains.)

Natural objects such as rocks, tree bark or insect wings are nearly always exceptionally detailed with a highly fractal appearance. Early designers understood that humans prefer intricate detail to blank features.

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