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Google "Google must do more to allay concerns that it is blocking competitors in web search results, the EU's antitrust chief said on Wednesday, after rivals criticized concessions it has offered as being inadequate."
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by l3v1 on Thu 18th Jul 2013 05:49 UTC
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The company has offered to mark out its own products in Internet search results

OK, that one I can understand.

provide links to at least three rival sites

Now, this is wtf nr. 1. I, as a company, being required to actually promote my competitors? What weird upside down idiocy is this? I mean seriously, wtf?

and make it easier for advertisers to move to rival platforms

Yeah, wtf nr. 1/a. I offer a service. Then, as required by the top point above, I have to make sure people know that the service popping up in search results belongs to me, as opposed to my competitors. Then, at point two (i.e. wtf nr. 1 ;) ) I am required to actually promote my competitors by explicitely listing their links. Then, I also have to make them easy to leave my service for a competitor.

I have my issues with Google as anyone else, but all this seems like a huge ball of crap. I mean it looks like it and smells like it ;)

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