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Graphics, User Interfaces "In its desire for authenticity, the Modern design movement curbed the ornamental excess of the 19th century, making design fit the age of mass production. Today, we're seeing the same desire for authenticity manifest itself in the 'flat' trend, which rejects skeuomorphism and excessive visuals for simpler, cleaner, content-focused design." Fascinating perspective on the whole digital vs. analog design debate by Dmitry Fadeyev.
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Can't tell if authentic or just lazy
by Verenkeitin on Thu 18th Jul 2013 10:23 UTC
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Curious how, since the start of industrial age, current design trend always perfectly matches what requires the least amount of work. On physical objects there's clear cost benefit of making teapots out of steel pipes, but on software authentic design is just laziness.

There was a time when the laziest way to do web design was to play with Photoshop and regurgitate 1024 pixels width IE only layout.
Now that we have css and have to support more screen sizes, the laziest way to do web design is to define some fonts and flat colored boxes in css. Unfortunately this leaves "designers" too much time to play with jQuery to do pointlessly dynamic layouts.

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