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Apple "All three major Russian cellcos have stopped selling the iPhone, the most dramatic instance so far in a rising tide of operator backlash against Apple's tough contractual requirements. VimpelCom has severed its ties with the handset provider, following in the footsteps of MTS and MegaFon. VimpelCom says it has put Samsung at the top of its list of smartphones to promote under its BeeLine brand. According to PhoneArena, VimpelCom blamed 'draconian contracts' and 'harsh conditions [...] especially in the marketing department' for its decision to dump the iPhone and sign a new deal with Samsung." Apple's treatment of carriers has long been a sore point, however, carriers didn't have much choice. Now that the iPhone is by far no longer the only big money maker, carriers have more leverage.
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RE[2]: Tides have turned...
by ricegf on Thu 18th Jul 2013 11:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Tides have turned..."
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You know that's mainly a U.S problem, right? I've always been able to buy a cheap phone from any store.

I've been able to buy any GSM phone I wanted to use with non-contract T-Mobile service in the USA for many years (T-Mobile uses the same radio bands as Europe, which helps). They even provided technical support for a problem I had with my N900.

The other three "major carriers", not so much.

So it surprises me that T-Mobile is still the smallest of the four.

Go figure.

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