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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The decline continues for Nokia. While Lumia sales volume increased by 32% to 7.2 million during Q2, this was well short of the 8.1 million analysts expected would be sold. Meanwhile, smartphone sales are down 10.2 million units from Q2 2012, based solely on the death of Symbian. Did Nokia jump from a burning platform to a sinking ship? Or will the next Windows Phone update finally bring feature parity with Symbian? Note from Thom: Loads of new models, yet still not the turning point we are promised every time Nokia releases quarterly figures. I'm sure the next quarter, with the next new flagship, will turn it all around.
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Windows reputation
by rmeyers on Thu 18th Jul 2013 16:32 UTC
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I have not heard it said much, but I believe the poor reputation that Windows has may be affecting sales, at least in the U.S.

The other day I was at the ATT store with my wife getting new phones, updating the family plan, et cetera ad nauseam. Over the course of the next 2 hours(!) while she took care of the details I wandered aimlessly.

On 2 occasions I heard people distinctly say they did not want a phone with 'Windows' on it. The first was a young 20 something lady who did not appear very computer literate. Despite the sales persons hard sell, she was firm that she did not want a Windows phone.

The other occurrence was a fellow that I distinctly heard say (rather loudly) "I had a Windows 7 phone, I'll never do that again". His comment was apparently in response to a sales person showing him a Lumia.

All anecdotal of course. Yet it surprised me enough to ask the sales person 'helping' my wife how Lumia sales were doing. At first he said that they were selling fine, but when I pressed him with what I had heard he said that nobody wants them.

Again, anecdotal. Yet I think that it is a factor worth considering.

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