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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The worst thing about Android phones isn't the crapware, though. It's the 'skins' - the modifications that phone companies make to Android's most basic features, including the dialing app, contacts, email, the calendar, the notification system, and the layout of the home screen. If you get the Play edition of these phones, you'll see Google's version of each of these apps, and you'll come away impressed by Google's tasteful, restrained, utilitarian design sense. But if, like most people, you get your phone for $199 from a carrier, you'll find everything in it is a frightful mess." Android's biggest problem (lack of updates is part of this). I got my Oppo Find 5 yesterday, and after only a few hours with the official, skinned firmware, I ran crying to the officially supported CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2). Stock (CM is mostly stock) is such a beautiful and elegant operating system - OEM skins are like screaming kids eating popcicles in front of you on a line to a theme park ride. Whenever someone hands me a stock Samsung or HTC, I die a little inside. Those guys simply have zero clue about software.
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Same here, I've been using a prepaid Samsung SGH-T404G for around 5 years now, never seen the need for a smartphone.

Let me guess, you never used a good one.

My camera does a far better job of being a camera

Yes, but do you have it with you literally everywhere you go? Many of my good pictures are taken at times when I would never think to take my camera.

my GPS does a far better job of being a GPS

In what way? My phone is just as accurate as a GPS, is much easier to load maps (automatic), and there are specialized apps for everything navigation (backcountry, geocaching, public transit, car, bicycle, walking). No standalone GPS is nearly that versatile.

my netbook does a far better job of doing everything else.

Well aside from being much less portable, taking much longer to boot, having worse battery life, not having any specialized apps for various functions, etc etc etc.

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