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Microsoft The Verge, reporting that Microsoft lost almost a billion dollars with Surface RT, in this quarter alone. "At the end of the day, though, it looks like Microsoft just made too many Surface RT tablets - we heard late last year that Microsoft was building three to five million Surface RT tablets in the fourth quarter, and we also heard that Microsoft had only sold about one million of those tablets in March." That's catastrophically bad.
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RE[2]: Wow
by Jokel on Fri 19th Jul 2013 05:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Wow"
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Nope - thanks to the wonders of "secure boot" it is "secured" to run Windows only. Only if you could flash the EFI rom with a "unlocked" image it could be possible to do such thing, but as far as I know it is hard coded (maybe a PROM, so no flash possible) and you are out of luck here.

And yes - that's the same "secure boot" Microsoft demands all hardware makers have to put on their motherboards to get a "Windows 8 certification". The only difference with the above is you very generous can get a "Microsoft key" from Verisign (free for personal use and $99 if you are a pro) to be able to boot into another OS, or you can disable or enable "secure boot" bios-wise every time you want to reboot from Windows 8 to another OS. Needless to say it wont secure Windows at all, but creates an artificial extra hurdle to use anything else but Microsoft Windows..

But - at least on other platforms that have "secure boot" it is possible to run another OS..

For now....

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