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Windows "Named General Distribution Release 2 (GDR2), the latest update enables Data Sense, a way to track how data is being used, alongside FM radio, and the ability to set other applications as the default camera. [...] GDR2 also includes support for Gmail's CalrdDAV and CalDAV implementation, allowing Windows Phone users to continue syncing calendar and contacts after Google announced its intention to pull its Exchange ActiveSync service earlier this year." There's something wrong with your operating system's update/improvement rate when such a minute, insignificant release is news.
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The lack of Instagram hurts (Not me so much. I do my best to make sure my photos AREN'T utter crap. Why would I want to apply filters that do the opposite?), but the lack of FM isn't that big of a deal - TuneIn Radio is a great app. The stations I listen to are available, plus it makes it easy to actually figure out what stations are available in my area - the only alternative is to sit and hit the seek button over and over and over and over. The Sacramento region has a lot of stations. The dial is damn near full.

Though, it is curious that WP7.5 had FM radio capability and 8 doesn't.

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