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Humor "Surprise, surprise, a certain Korean company copies more of Apple's product design. When Apple launched the iPad mini in October 2012, Apple explained the design: the almost 8" screen size and thin border allow one-handed use. Now, the new 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has the same border design as the iPad mini." From what I can only assume is the The Onion of technology reporting. I love humour like this on a lazy Friday afternoon.
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RE[3]: Only in mobile tech...
by galvanash on Fri 19th Jul 2013 18:39 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Only in mobile tech..."
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Last time I checked every single soda can at the store was the exact same size and shape.

Generic aluminum cans are not trademarked, primarily because they are all basically the same - there is no unique design element to trademark, its just a cylinder. Coca Cola bottles on the other hand are trademarked.

That is why you see hundreds of soda products using identically shaped cans, but you only see one bottled soda with the shape/contours of a Coca Cola bottle.

So I think the OPs point is valid - if you make a soda and put it in a bottle shaped like Coca Cola's they will sue the sh*t out of you...

On another note:

This can is almost certainly trademarked, so if you want to get creative with cans it is possible.

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