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Humor "Surprise, surprise, a certain Korean company copies more of Apple's product design. When Apple launched the iPad mini in October 2012, Apple explained the design: the almost 8" screen size and thin border allow one-handed use. Now, the new 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has the same border design as the iPad mini." From what I can only assume is the The Onion of technology reporting. I love humour like this on a lazy Friday afternoon.
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Comment by Laurence
by Laurence on Fri 19th Jul 2013 19:19 UTC
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While clearly posted to provoke the author, one comment on that site did raise an interesting philosophical point (and I apologize now for the extremeness of the language - you're probably best to skip over this bit if you're easily offended ;) )

What’s wrong with the world if you guys take this shit more seriously than any of the multitude of *real* injustices going on in the world. People being executed for standing up for basic freedoms and all the hunger in the world. I mean seriously, you fanboys really need to get a life. It’s technology. It’s disposable. It’s not a religion and it certainly doesn’t mean jack shit in the real world. So why don’t you stop wasting your energy with this shit and instead focus on something that genuinely could make a difference in the real world. Even your God, Steve Jobs, was motivated by wanting to make a difference – you’re just making a mockery of his vision by raging about inconsequential shit (though if we’re honest, Job did a pretty good job of that himself too)

The thing is, if you cut out the swearing and the obvious trolling, there is some sense there. These fanboys (and not just from Apple either) are wasting their lives complaining about stuff that is so trivial it makes you question the priorities of humanity. I mean, obviously you can't expect people to be fighting against important topics all of the time - but sometimes it seems that some people care more about whether their preferred brand name came up with an obvious idea before the brand name the don't like. And to them, those issues surpass anything else in their lives. As a platform agnostic, that whole behavior strikes me as completely bonkers.

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