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Legal "Alan Turing, the Enigma codebreaker who took his own life after being convicted of gross indecency under anti-homosexuality legislation, is to be given a posthumous pardon. The government signalled on Friday that it is prepared to support a backbench bill that would pardon Turing, who died from cyanide poisoning at the age of 41 in 1954 after he was subjected to 'chemical castration'." Justice.
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RE[3]: Pardon?
by M.Onty on Sun 21st Jul 2013 12:29 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pardon?"
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I think the pardon is an OK thing. Its odd, but its about OK. However I share your misgivings too. What a pardon says to me, & what I understood it to mean legally, is, "You probably didn't break that law after all, sorry you didn't get a fair trial". But everyone knows he absolutely did break that law, that law which shouldn't have existed but did. So what it now says to me is, "Sorry we decided to apply the law to you, given that you were a hero & all that". Now, that's actually understandable & as good a place as any to start as any maybe. Maybe its a stepping stone to a more complete justice as kwan_e suggests. But a 'pardon' still rings oddly to me.

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