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Novell and Ximian Rumors circulating that Novell is going to kill off its popular Linux desktop lines are completely false. [However,] Novell is making one large strategic change. The GNOME interface is going to become the default interface on both the SLES and Novell Linux Desktop line. KDE libraries will be supplied on both, but the bulk of Novell's interface moving forward will be on GNOME. "The entire KDE graphical interface and product family will continue to be supported and delivered on OpenSuSE."
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RE: Woah, what emotions we have...
by superstoned on Sun 6th Nov 2005 10:42 UTC
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"But, then I thought all about this and went to try to understand - why such outrage? One point is clear - SuSE was very big sponsor of KDE and now there is going to be less money for that. That I understand - If they have been fired all Ximian team (and I don't agree that Ximian was just empty dose, Evolution, Mono, lot of integration stuff - it makes sence, they are NOT stupid, and they can create income for Novell - in many ways), I would certainly feel the same."
Well, it now seems Novell sacks more Gnome devs than KDE devs (just one KDE dev, and several Gnome devs) so I guess i have to feel sorry for you ;-)

"Actually, what I have seen that GNOME guys seems to want work more on common ground - desktop standards, D-BUS, HAL, etc. such things. However, KDE team looks for doing things their *own* way - and it is ok for that, but is is somehow childish. For example, KDE officially won't support gstreamer - there are some excelent KDE apps who does and will, but KDE just went to doing it in their own turf again. Why? Reading Gstreamer, everything is done to assure desktop envorement independence - gstreamer is NOT depend on ANY GNOME/GTK+ lib."
you seem to have missed some things. KDE doesn't want to standardize on Gstreamer for several, very valid, reasons. first, it can't be garanteed Gstreamer wil stay api/abi compattible through the full KDE 4 series. and this is a requirement. next, Gstreamer is not real-time capable. and last but not least, it isn't very network-transparant. so KDE will create a intermediate layer that WILL stay api stable, and default to gstreamer. but pro audio users will be able to use jack, NMS and others. (i know i don't have ALL facts strait here, too, but i'm to lazy to look it up...)

point is, the childish one here is more likely to be gnome - replace gstreamer in your story with aRts and we have the situation a few years ago. except aRts was once much more advanced than every other sound server, independend of KDE/Qt - but because KDE started to use it, gnome choose a technologically inferior esound. now esound sucked so hard, they had to jump on the gstreamer wagon while gstreamer was still very unstable - while KDE had the luxury of a relatively better sound server (aRts) so they could wait a little more.

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