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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, the CyanogenMod team is teasing something new. My guess is that we're either looking at the CM team getting early access to new Android versions, or - and this is something I really hope - an OEM, preferably a large one, has decided to ship a device with CyanogenMod preinstalled. A boy or girl can dream.
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CM good, but there are better options
by phoenix on Mon 22nd Jul 2013 16:22 UTC
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When I started playing with alternative ROMs on my Optimus G, I was excited to get CM 10.x onto it. It was nice, faster than the stock ROM, newer (4.2.x vs 4.1.x), and "the in thing to do".

Then I started playing with other options, just to see how things differed. Carbon and AOKP were even nicer than CM, and when I first started using dark themes (how anyone can use an iPhone with all the garish coloured icons is beyond me now).

But then I tried Rootbox, and all the rest just seem clunky and dated! This was the first ROM to really use the full 1280x768 resolution of the LGOG. Text was small and crisp, lines were sharp, colours were sharp (although FauxClock allows you to change them on any kernel that supports gamma changes). And there are more features than you can shake a stick at (PIE, ribbons, nav bar, LED/vibration control, halo, etc) without bloating the ROM (under 185 MB download; even with LG sounds and minimal-gapps it's still under 200 MB; stock ROM is just under 1 GB).

CM may get all the attention and press, but they aren't anywhere near the top of the heap of Android ROMs anymore.

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