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Internet & Networking "Every household in Britain connected to the internet will be obliged to declare whether they want to maintain access to online pornography, David Cameron will announce on Monday." And so, the UK nanny state turns to straight up censorship. Let's look at some of the authoritarian policies that David Cameron wishes to enact.
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Comment by MOS6510
by MOS6510 on Tue 23rd Jul 2013 04:25 UTC
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I'm willing to take a wild guess it's not about porn. This porn filter will probably be a success, because the government will find a way to make it look like one.

So what's next? Torrent sites? They contain porn and files that damage your computer (and music/movies/series).

Obviously we should be protected from those too.

More success. So what's next?

Islamic propaganda, bomb making/science sites? Non-English/Western sites? Swiss banks? Sites that refuse to register with the UK authorities? WikiLeaks? Drugs, weapons?

If we put in some effort we can make a rather long list of categories that are in some way damaging to children, adults, the economy, our free way of living, etc...

And what I apply to have porn and Swiss bank sites de-filtered? Does that lead to increased financial scrutiny? Puts me on the suspect list when there's a sexual assault in an area where my mobile phone was detected?

Asking to de-filter stuff, to make the Internet as it was, makes you a suspicious suspect.

Besides, if I de-filter stuff, what happens if I access the Internet from my phone? Or tablet using free WiFi <somewhere>. Then I'm still getting blocked.

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