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Internet & Networking "Every household in Britain connected to the internet will be obliged to declare whether they want to maintain access to online pornography, David Cameron will announce on Monday." And so, the UK nanny state turns to straight up censorship. Let's look at some of the authoritarian policies that David Cameron wishes to enact.
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by Laurence on Tue 23rd Jul 2013 11:46 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by SunOS"
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P.S. I heard Cameron being interviewed on BBC Radio 2 about this and he actually said that pornography would be blocked but that would not include, for example, Page 3 or Fifty Shades of Grey. So there you have his policy - children will be protected from porn, unless it's popular porn! What a pathetic politician.

The Page 3 and Fifty Shades of Grey exceptions are because neither of them as classed as "porn" by previous legislation (eg Page 3 is classed as "partial nudity" rather than "sexual nudity").

This isn't a case of the PM picking what sites to block, this is a case of prior legislation.

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