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Apple "Apple revealed Sunday that its Developer Center suffered a lengthy outage this week following a security breach that may have compromised data, but a security researcher has provided evidence to suggest the shutdown was in response to his identification of a vulnerability." It's no secret that Apple's developer portals are a mix of outdated, crappy technologies, and it seems that this security researcher did good work by making that fact very, very clear for everyone. Would be nice of Apple to acknowledge his work, although as we all know, that's about as unlikely as Pluto blocking the sun, no matter how Apple claims it wants to be "open" about this disaster in its public statement.
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RE: All about Perspectives
by mkone on Tue 23rd Jul 2013 19:14 UTC in reply to "All about Perspectives"
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The tone from the comments has generally been one of sledge-hammering ibrahim Balic with the exception of a few neutral ones.

Would the same tone have been observed in the comments if the company whose security was breached and disclosed in this manner had been Microsoft rather than Apple?

You are kidding right? Apple is hated here more than Microsoft ever was. Almost!

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