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Apple "Apple revealed Sunday that its Developer Center suffered a lengthy outage this week following a security breach that may have compromised data, but a security researcher has provided evidence to suggest the shutdown was in response to his identification of a vulnerability." It's no secret that Apple's developer portals are a mix of outdated, crappy technologies, and it seems that this security researcher did good work by making that fact very, very clear for everyone. Would be nice of Apple to acknowledge his work, although as we all know, that's about as unlikely as Pluto blocking the sun, no matter how Apple claims it wants to be "open" about this disaster in its public statement.
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Jesus H. F. Christ, listen to yourselves! Had it happened to Ballmersoft, Oracle, Sony or whatever the unquestioned "baddies" are, you'd be rooting for the guy, no excuses. But because poor little underdog Apple got pwned, excuses start spawning left and right, moral judgements like "it's not ethical and legal to hack (Apple)" arise from te grave etc.

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