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On-screen buttons
by puidelup on Wed 24th Jul 2013 12:14 UTC
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I never quite understood why people dislike on-screen keys. I find them a good idea.

First off: the chunk of the screen you loose is disposable! In portrait mode there's no usage pattern I know of in which the extra height is needed. In landscape mode, the argument of lost screen surface sometimes makes sense, but really, the screen was plenty wide to begin with. I have had a Nexus 4 for many months now and never ever missed the "lost" screen.

The big advantage they bring: flexibility. One example: Many applications still use the "settings" or "triple bar" button, which does not exist in the new Android key layout. This is also encouraged by the fact that many manufacturers kept the settings button on recent hardware (Bad Samsung, BAD!). Having on-screen buttons gives those applications a way to elegantly expose a fourth button if they need it.

Is there nobody else who thinks on-screen buttons are a good idea?

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