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RE: On-screen buttons
by Troels on Wed 24th Jul 2013 20:52 UTC in reply to "On-screen buttons"
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Not me. I like having a 5" screen that i can use. If i wanted a smaller screen i would have bought a different phone, and i have certainly never wished the screen was smaller, at least not while it is out of my pocket :-)

Keeping the cost of the phone down is the only argument i can see in favor of the on-screen buttons. I think they are extra silly on a phone like the nexus 4 where there are plenty of room for "external" buttons, and that was in fact the main reason that i didn't buy one and opted to wait for the S4 instead. Alone having to locate the power button to unlock it instead of having a convenient button on the front would drive me crazy, when i tested the N4 i found it annoying to unlock with just one hand, would have to move it around in the hand to press the button. Also with the physical home button i have an easy reference point to feel if the phone is orientated the right way without having to look at it.

I personally prefer real physical buttons instead of capacitive ones. If i had a € for each time i have hit the back button by accident on my S4, well, i would have a big pile of change ready for my next trip to the euro zone.

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