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General Unix UNIX was a terrific workhorse for its time, but eventually the old nag needs to be put out to pasture. David Chisnall argues that it's time to retire UNIX in favor of modern systems with a lot more horsepower. "UNIX has a lot of strengths, but like any other design it's starting to show its age. Some of the points listed in this article apply less to some UNIX-like systems, some apply more."
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crappy article
by diegocg on Sun 6th Nov 2005 12:35 UTC
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Of course Unix is old, but man, the article pointed out things that are far from being the worst problems of unix.

If you want to know the real problems behind unix, and why unix sucks (and why windows and/or mac os x suck too because of sharing some of those unix defects) you might to want to read about plan9, which was the OS that the unix guys wrote to fix unix

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