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General Development "Forth is a simple, natural computer language. It has achieved remarkable acceptance where efficiency is valued. It evolved in the 1960s on a journey from university through business to laboratory. This is the story of how a simple interpreter expanded its abilities to become a complete programming language/operating system."
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by bartgrantham on Thu 25th Jul 2013 23:09 UTC in reply to "Comment by Drumhellar"
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OF was great. The actual implementation of the OF drivers was sometimes suspect, but the ideas behind it really deserved to win and become a widespread standard. Imagine if any OS on any cpu family could enumerate and make basic use of peripherals without having specific drivers for that architecture and platform. Such a shame that it's ancient history now.

I once read an apocryphal story that the stack-heavy design of the JVM was influenced by the success Sun had with OpenFirmware. It makes some sense that there'd be a thread of design from OF to the JVM.

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