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Windows Windows NT turned 20 years old today. From a 1998 story about NT, written by Mark Russinovich, "I'll take you on a short tour of NT's lineage, which leads back to Digital and its VMS OS. Most of NT's lead developers, including VMS's chief architect, came from Digital, and their background heavily influenced NT's development. After I talk about NT's roots, I'll discuss the more-than-coincidental similarities between NT and VMS, and how Digital reacted to NT's release."
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by Drumhellar on Sun 28th Jul 2013 08:10 UTC in reply to "surreal"
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Today: Embedded refers to pretty much anything that either serves a specific, limited purpose, or more generally, anything that fits in a tiny box (like a cellphone).

50 years from now: Embedded refers to that chip that is embedded in your eyeball because you have detached retinas and this is how you see.

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