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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "StatCounter's latest Internet Wars Report found that, in the month of June, Samsung devices accounted for 25.43 percent of smartphone Internet usage, compared to 25.09 for Apple's iPhone devices. Samsung has moved into the leadership position in smartphone web use over the course of the last year, which has seen the South Korean tech giant's share grow from 19.46 percent just 12 months ago." Android sales outpacing everything else is starting to show up in usage statistics.
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by Windows Sucks on Sun 28th Jul 2013 13:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Interesting"
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They don't need to lead in sales and market share. What matters to Apple is leading in profits. And since being in business is about making money that's all that really matters.

And also if you look at the last quarter sales were up by almost 20 percent for the iPhone, where as sales were flat for Sammy on the high end.

All companies get into new segments I mean in reality Apple is a consumer electronics company that only sells 5 or so things where a company like Samsung sells 100 things and yet Apple is still huge.

Apple won't go into the low end market because they don't need to. As with the iPod before it Apple will snag the mid range market and keep the high end.

I exspect Apple to put out a phone between the $199 and $399 range with no contract. That will ramp up sales with out totally killing margins.

Also for Apple they are not looking to see phones just to see numbers. They want to sell phones that people will use to buy iTunes and click iAds and buy tons of apps etc. If you make a phone like the Nokia 520 for instance no one is going to use it to buy anything. The 520 has a 4 inch screen but the screen sucks and its barely useable.

We will see how things go. Apples earnings beat the street and they still sold a ton of iPhones and feel like they can sell more.

Sammy is the company feeling the pinch selling more and more cheap phones, losing profits on low margins and being worried about future growth. (If you listen to Samsung tell it)

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