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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "StatCounter's latest Internet Wars Report found that, in the month of June, Samsung devices accounted for 25.43 percent of smartphone Internet usage, compared to 25.09 for Apple's iPhone devices. Samsung has moved into the leadership position in smartphone web use over the course of the last year, which has seen the South Korean tech giant's share grow from 19.46 percent just 12 months ago." Android sales outpacing everything else is starting to show up in usage statistics.
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We had to use Windows 8 Phone devices for several months at work (classic corporate move). But thank goodness, even the executives were impacted and saw the light.

So no more Windows 8 on mobile where I work (a large-ish firm). For now it's all iOS...but most of us have Android on our personal mobile phones, so I'm optimistic we'll be an Android shop in 3 years.

The setup and licensing and cost for Windows 8 Phone development is just a huge PITA, and for little benefit. With Android you are up and coding in the course of a few hours.

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