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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "StatCounter's latest Internet Wars Report found that, in the month of June, Samsung devices accounted for 25.43 percent of smartphone Internet usage, compared to 25.09 for Apple's iPhone devices. Samsung has moved into the leadership position in smartphone web use over the course of the last year, which has seen the South Korean tech giant's share grow from 19.46 percent just 12 months ago." Android sales outpacing everything else is starting to show up in usage statistics.
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RE[4]: Interesting
by Windows Sucks on Mon 29th Jul 2013 10:33 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Interesting"
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[Apple shareholders have lost $300 billion in the last year. This money will never be recovered.

That would be true IF Apple gave dividends which they never did under Steve Jobs. So the only way to make money would of been to buy low and sell high, which is what happened and was part of the stock drop.

iPhone shipments were up but the average margin per unit fell because people bought more 4 and 4s models.

True but they still made more profits then all their competitors.

No. It will only cannibalize sales of higher margin phones. This is exactly what the Pad Mini did.

They are going to lose that anyway as phone companies cut subsidies.

Unmitigated bullshit. The Nokia 20 has an excellent 800x480 IPS display.

I just bought one and though it sounds good on paper, in reality the screen sucks. The phone it's self is the only bull shit here. And it's the 520 not the "20"

Samsung is a massively diversified conglomerate. They could stop making phones tomorrow and still thrive.

I'm not talking about Samsung as a whole, I am talking about Samsung Electronics. For that division , phones are their biggest profit center!

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