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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia's vice president Bryan Biniak: "We are trying to evolve the cultural thinking [at Microsoft] to say 'time is of the essence'. Waiting until the end of your fiscal year when you need to close your targets, doesn't do us any good when I have phones to sell today." Later Biniak adds: "As a company we don't want to rely on somebody else and sit and wait for them to get it right." There was a simple solution to this problem.
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RE[2]: Stop whining!
by WorknMan on Mon 29th Jul 2013 23:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Stop whining!"
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Nokia decided it was in their best interest to stop making OSes, because they just couldn't, and use someone else's OS. If they hadn't picked the wrong OS (Windows Phone) but went with Android, they might not be where they are today.

If you wanna build an Android phone and have it released through carriers, you (unfortunately) still have to hack your own variant of Android, so would they have really been better off? If they couldn't build the OS, would they be able to build their own Sense or Touchwiz? It doesn't matter how slick your hardware is; if you totally botch the bloatware, nobody is going to buy it.

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