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In the News "The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications today released its report on IT pricing in Australia, making 10 recommendations and concluding that the long-discussed 'Australia tax' is real." One of the recommendations is to make geo-blocking circumvention legal - and as a last resort, the committee recommends the government to make geo-blocking illegal altogether. Pretty strong language.
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by woegjiub on Tue 30th Jul 2013 03:11 UTC in reply to "Comment by BBAP"
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It's increasingly looking like labour may yet take the election back.

Failing that, so long as ALP and greens can take >50% of the senate, we should be able to avoid the brain-dead libertarianism that has taken over the right.

On a more article related note, $400 for the 64GB iphone in the states, and $1000 here. Ignoring the obscene price rise with tiny memory increments, that kind of price increase is just plain mad.

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