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In the News "The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications today released its report on IT pricing in Australia, making 10 recommendations and concluding that the long-discussed 'Australia tax' is real." One of the recommendations is to make geo-blocking circumvention legal - and as a last resort, the committee recommends the government to make geo-blocking illegal altogether. Pretty strong language.
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RE: Region Codes are BS anyways
by thesunnyk on Tue 30th Jul 2013 07:32 UTC in reply to "Region Codes are BS anyways"
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The Pirate Party has working around geo-blocking as part of its platform (we have to clarify the text, but it's there in spirit, see towards the end regarding format shifting). I think it's funny that this is a recommendation that is completely incongruous to the laws of the land. Most notably, it is unclear whether evading geoblocks this would constitute violating "technological protection measures" (TPM, the Australian version of the DMCA).

There are also many other laws and regulations which are nonsensical alongside this recommendation, and you mention the ratings system as a good example. The Pirate Party is for an industry run ratings system and no RC rating:

I know this sounds like an ad, but the fact is that if you want someone who's going to take this issue seriously, it's going to be the only party in Australia who cares about digital liberties.

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