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Games "The Super Game Boy is probably the coolest piece of video game hardware in existence. It's also probably the biggest wasted opportunity in video games. It's been pretty much entirely forgotten about now, because - as is pretty common with neat hardware made by Nintendo - very, VERY few games ever really took advantage of it at all. And it's a shame, because the unique visual style of Super Game Boy-compatible games, in addition to just looking really neat, can teach a lot about effectively using colour in games. The ones that do work exist in a really bizarre stylistic place."
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Yep, I generally just ignore the sidebars, and only read the article content, which, as I recall, did say anything like "when I was a little girl".

As I was writing the comment I did think "Wait, is this guy or a girl" but didn't actually care enough to ctrl-tab to find out (most of the time I bother doing that it ends up being a gender neutral name anyway with an arty picture that leaves me none-the-wiser)

I really am too lazy for my own good

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