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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia's vice president Bryan Biniak: "We are trying to evolve the cultural thinking [at Microsoft] to say 'time is of the essence'. Waiting until the end of your fiscal year when you need to close your targets, doesn't do us any good when I have phones to sell today." Later Biniak adds: "As a company we don't want to rely on somebody else and sit and wait for them to get it right." There was a simple solution to this problem.
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RE[12]: Comment by Luminair
by TemporalBeing on Tue 30th Jul 2013 18:39 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: Comment by Luminair"
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Yes but if you look at other OEMs that aren't Samsung and Apple they're pretty comparable, and that's progress.

Apple and Samsung are market leaders currently, Nokia is a battered company in transition and doing so rather well in my opinion.

If they keep the trend up they'll get there. They aren't going to go to 30 million over night.

Problem is if and when they hit 30 million, Apple will be closer to 60 million, and Android will be well over 100 million. They're current trend does not bode well for them. It's too little too late.

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