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Google "We had a lot of internal discussion on this, and have concluded that it's more Android than ChromeOS. To be specific, it's actually a modified Google TV release, but with all of the Bionic/Dalvik stripped out and replaced with a single binary for Chromecast. Since the Marvell DE3005 SOC running this is a single core variant of the 88DE3100, most of the Google TV code was reused. So, although it's not going to let you install an APK or anything, its origins: the bootloader, kernel, init scripts, binaries, are all from the Google TV." This thing just keeps getting more awesome.
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Most modern TV have this already
by lucas_maximus on Tue 30th Jul 2013 19:17 UTC
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Samsung are busy building an "Android of TVs" and SmartTV are selling out here in Spain and the country is in a massive recession.

I dunno how relevant this will be once Samsung are making most of the phone and most of the TVs and are now having their own dev conferences.

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