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Google Other than reports that the Android 4.3 update has improved performance on the Nexus 7, Google seems to have addressed the performance degradation issue as well. "It appears that Google has fixed the performance degradation problem with the Nexus 7 by finally adding TRIM support in Android 4.3 (which also applies to all devices that have been upgraded, though I never had any performance issues with my Nexus 4), as noticed by Brian Klug at Anandtech. This means, in theory, that performance on the device should remain usable, even as time goes on and I continue to use my tablet to do all of the things it was designed for. I'll be watching it closely (and probably be very vocal about it if performance drops off a cliff as it did before), but I actually have a usable tablet once again, and I didn't have to shell out upwards of $200 again to get there." My Nexus 7 feels like new now that I've wiped my custom ROM and installed stock 4.3. I'm skeptical about whether or not Google has managed to solve the performance loss over time though, since it seems to be caused by low-quality NAND, and not by software.
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RE: Works for me!
by Morgan on Tue 30th Jul 2013 22:44 UTC in reply to "Works for me!"
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I must be one of the few unlucky folks to suffer bugs and issues with the upgrade on my Nexus 7. One of the worst is that MX Video is no longer supported, and so far any other third party video players I've been able to install (and most won't anymore) use the built-in Gallery video player instead of their own engine, with no option to use their own. This severely limits supported formats and features like subtitle manipulation. I'm not sure if this is related to the video stack being DRMed from top to bottom as stated on the Android developer page. All I know is that my anime and classic 90s TV shows stopped working.

The other glaring issue is that my screen would lock every ten seconds no matter what I set the timer for (I prefer two minutes since I mainly read books with it).

Neither multiple reboots nor reflashing from the official checksummed 4.3 image would fix these issues, so I'm back on stock 4.2 and everything is smooth sailing.

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