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Google "In the net neutrality vision of the world, broadband providers simply deliver packets as they are paid to do. When it was just a set of online services, Google happened to fall on the side of citizens and used to advocate against broadband companies controlling the pipes. Now that it’s an ISP itself, Google is becoming a net neutrality hypocrite." This is why trusting companies - any company - is simply a bad idea. Companies don't care about you, and those that say they do are liars.
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Blowing things out of proportion
by silviucc on Wed 31st Jul 2013 07:53 UTC
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So here's the thing. I do not live in the US. I live in the EU. I've a fiber connection that is dirt cheap and very fast 5MB down and 2MB (yes those are megabytes) for less than 10$/month. That being said, the terms of my contract also prohibit me from running my own servers. They do not enforce it and people just run their own Counterstrike and Minecraft servers, and expose their CCTV DVRs to the net, etc... Since this the country's biggest ISP they also do not take a hit as probably most of the traffic does not even leave their network.

All of the terms I've seen in the article are also in my contract. Granted my ISP does not champion "net neutrality"

I would worry when Google will start throttling Netflix and Amazon movies but not because some dude can't run a service over the cheapo' fiber connection.

Please tell me how the following is to be considered reasonable use:

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