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Google "In the net neutrality vision of the world, broadband providers simply deliver packets as they are paid to do. When it was just a set of online services, Google happened to fall on the side of citizens and used to advocate against broadband companies controlling the pipes. Now that it’s an ISP itself, Google is becoming a net neutrality hypocrite." This is why trusting companies - any company - is simply a bad idea. Companies don't care about you, and those that say they do are liars.
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Things aren't really being blown out of proportion. Google, themselves, have been lobbying for net-neutrality, they've been trying to pose themselves as the champion for end-user rights, they've been appealing to the geek audiences and they've very literally touted these kinds of measures as something inherently sinister...and then they go a full 180 when they themselves become an ISP. That's the whole and full crux here -- they're fucking hypocrites.

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