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Amiga & AROS The interview details, among many other things, the follow up to the AmigaOne X1000: "The Cyrus development is the future replacement for the Nemo motherboard when the supply of P.A. Semi CPUs finally dries up or the price becomes commercially unviable. The Cyrus board was the original Revision 1.0 prototype and was completed towards the end of last year. Cyrus Plus is the Revision 2.0 board which includes additional PCIe and PCI slots. The Cyrus design is based on the Freescale P5020 CPU which is a dual-core 64-bit PowerPC SoC. It also supports DDR3 RAM and includes an improved Xena/Xorro combination." Crazy powerful hardware for an operating system that doesn't even support any for of SMP. I admire the hardware they've been able to build and sell, but the real issue is, of course, AmigaOS itself - touch-ups, sure, but it's still heavily outdated in almost every aspect and can't really make much use of the powerful hardware it is given.
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Thats because the Amiga platform has been neglected and no one cares about it anymore. The AmigaOS is so old and so outdated it could never be made to run on commodity hardware. Open Sourcing the amigaOS wouldnt do anything because it was written in a time where modern features werent even invented yet so its kind of a moot point. AmigaOS is dead, and with the 10/15 people that still run it, you are spending money on hardware that you cant hope that will run the software. If they can even get it to run on said hardware.

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