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Google "In the net neutrality vision of the world, broadband providers simply deliver packets as they are paid to do. When it was just a set of online services, Google happened to fall on the side of citizens and used to advocate against broadband companies controlling the pipes. Now that it’s an ISP itself, Google is becoming a net neutrality hypocrite." This is why trusting companies - any company - is simply a bad idea. Companies don't care about you, and those that say they do are liars.
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by dgun on Wed 31st Jul 2013 12:23 UTC
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TFA is not about net neutrality. The biggest problem with this issue is that even technical people don't understand it. An ISP has always been able to limit usage in the way described in the article. ISPs offer different tiers of service. If you're paying for home use and turn around and use it for business it's perfectly reasonable for an ISP to enforce terms of service. The net neutrality debate is less about ISPs and much more about the internet backbone and those who control it. Do we treat all traffic the same as it moves from one network to another? That’s the core issue and it has nothing to do with an ISP terms of service with its users.

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