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Just 160,000 Wii U consoles were sold worldwide between April and June, along with 1.03 million software units. The figure is a 51.3 percent decrease on last quarter; the console has now sold 3.61 million units around the world despite Nintendo's initial prediction of 5.5 million systems moved by the end of March.

To put the 160000 figure in perspective - Microsoft sold 140000 Xbox 360s in just the US, in June alone, and that's after a sharp sales drop, for a console that's 8 years old. Nintendo is not doing well.

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But Nintendo is profitable still.
by sergio on Wed 31st Jul 2013 17:35 UTC
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Wii U isn't the first Nintendo home console with slow sales.

N64 and Gamecube didn't have a lot of sales nor a lot of 3rd party support... but both of them were very profitable for Nintendo (and very good products for the fans).

In the end the only important thing about a product if it is profitable or not.

Wii U will do it well when the strong games comes up, not at Wii levels of success obviously, but at Gamecube/N64 levels sure. And that's fine for Nintendo and their fans.

Home consoles for Nintendo are the same thing as the Mac line for Apple, they're not the core business of the company at economic level... but they're very important for the hardcore customers. The spirit of the company.

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