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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Like LG, Sony's smartphone division is now also doing quite well:

In the three months between April and June of this year, Sony saw both a "significant increase in unit sales" of its Android smartphones and an improved average selling price per handset. That's at the heart of the company's improved profitability.

The common parlance that only Samsung is profiting off Android is, as I've said before, simply no longer true. All it took for companies like LG and Sony to become profitable with Android is to, you know, stop making crap phones, and start producing good ones.


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by Jbso on Thu 1st Aug 2013 12:48 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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The "no one but Samsung profits" argument is often offered as a reason why others should abandon Android and do something else (often Windows Phone). This shows that Android can be a path to success for more than just Samsung. The most relevant consideration is Sony's profits with Android vs what they could likely make without it, not Sony's profits vs the market leader. By that logic, there should never be any local restaurants because they don't generate even remotely as much profit as the big chains.

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