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So Motorola built a phone that's marginally smarter, slightly more comfortable, and a little bit more usable than most others. And while that may never displace Samsung or Apple, it's an important first step. This new Motorola is listening. Listening to customers who want their phones to feel more personal. Listening to critics who endlessly complain about battery life. Listening to an industry that knows the spec race is out of hand. And, perhaps most importantly, the new Motorola is listening to Google when it says solving people's actual problems, simply and beautifully, is the path to success.

The Moto X looks interesting, but I doubt it can handle the competition. Specifications do seem to matter in the shops, and the Moto X doesn't measure up. On top of that, how are they going to do the custom design thing in other parts of the world?

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by Tony Swash on Thu 1st Aug 2013 23:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kurkosdr"
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"What worries me is Googlerola aren't making the fuss they should about the battery of the moto x, instead focusing on "look, many colors and voice commands!".

Of course they're not, and why should they? All they have to do is run an ad campaign that says, 'Oooooooo, look at the pretty colors!', and the iDiots will come in droves, with glazed eyes and credit cards in hand. To hell with what's actually inside the phone... they're apparently making them in wood now, so that should be enough to appease the millions of dumbasses who probably couldn't tell you anything else about the phone, such as what the battery life is.

Oh, and btw... thanks, Apple ;)

You think that if this sells well it will take sales from Apple? I don't think so ;)

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