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Linux From ZDnet:

Fancy running iWork on Linux? It may one day be possible courtesy of a project to get Apple OS X programs running on Linux-based operating systems.

Similar to how Wine allows Windows applications to run in Linux OS, the Darling project is trying to build a software compatibility layer to run OS X apps.

I obviously doubt the attainability of the project's goals, but this will be a fantastic coding experience for the programmers involved.

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Legal issues asside
by CaptainN- on Fri 2nd Aug 2013 19:09 UTC
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Technically, this seems more feasible than WINE, because of the common Unix underpinnings, and OSX's heavy reliance on open source software in various places. From my understanding (which is limited to be honest) OSX doesn't pack in a million backwards compatiblity hacks either, which could just make things even easier compared with WINE.

If Wine is possible, I can't see why this isn't. It'd be great for some games too, since OSX games are all targeting OpenGL, which is easier to wrap to Linux drivers than D3D.

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