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Linux From ZDnet:

Fancy running iWork on Linux? It may one day be possible courtesy of a project to get Apple OS X programs running on Linux-based operating systems.

Similar to how Wine allows Windows applications to run in Linux OS, the Darling project is trying to build a software compatibility layer to run OS X apps.

I obviously doubt the attainability of the project's goals, but this will be a fantastic coding experience for the programmers involved.

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RE: Comment by Stephen!
by jeffb on Sat 3rd Aug 2013 10:42 UTC in reply to "Comment by Stephen!"
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"Fancy running iWork on Linux?

Since it doesn't have the dominance of Microsoft Office, does iWork have any particular advantage over just running Open Office or Libre Office on Linux?

It isn't really a competitor for Microsoft Office. Pages and Keynote genuinely make much heavier use of templates. Documents look good but are more constrained in their look and feel. Keynote is more or less on par with Powerpoint features wise, but Pages isn't close to the depth of features of Word.

Numbers is even more different. From a spreadsheet perspective it follows the philosophy of Lotus Improv (today Quantrix) not Lotus 1-2-3. Again layout and aesthetics are but functions are definable and not all cells are equal. The paradigm encourages modeling while Number's limitation encourage manipulation of small amounts of data.

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