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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Apparently, an advertising agency hired by Samsung is trying to buy people to post questions about the company on StackOverflow. This is what Delyan Kratunov was asked to do (he declined):

All we need you to do is talk about the SSAC (Samsung Smart App Challenge) and get the word out. How? We were thinking about 4 questions on Stackoverflow over the span of a month..... as well as replies to posts made by other members. Don't worry about finding the questions to reply to because we will send you links.

Stay classy, Samsung.

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Hell I think they have ALL stepped up their shilling werecat, some of us on Slashdot were talking just the other day how suddenly companies that were looked at about as favorably as the Klan there (Monsanto, MSFT, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Samsung, Toshiba) are suddenly seeing anyone that says a single bad word about any of these companies downmodded to the basement and every. single. time. its followed by a VERY high UID that will put out some positive spin in defense of the corp, there was even one that said shotgunning insect DNA into plants was no different than "selective breeding".

So I have to wonder if there is a new bunch offering shilling services to these big corps because normally you'd only see this high a level of shilling when there is gonna be a major product launch that they are "iffy" on, see Windows 8 for an example, but for the past 3 weeks or so its just been a constant stream of corporate apologists and modbombing.

To me the bigger question isn't is Samsung paying to have this done, the answer to that is an obvious yes, the question is what company is offering a new shilling service that is obviously VERY enticing to the corps from the amount of business they are doing?

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