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In product lore, high profile gadgets that get killed are often more interesting than the ones that succeed. The Kin, the HP TouchPad, and the Edsel are all case studies in failure - albeit for different reasons. Yet in the history of those killings, nothing compared to the Apple Newton MessagePad. The Newton wasn't just killed, it was violently murdered, dragged into a closet by its hair and kicked to death in its youth by one of technology’s great men. And yet it was a remarkable device, one whose influence is still with us today. The Ur tablet. The first computer designed to free us utterly from the desktop.

'First' is debatable, but this was definitely an interesting product. It was far too complex though, and the simpler, more focussed Palm Pilot then showed the market how mobile computing ought to work - something Apple took to heart a decade later with the iPhone.

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by MOS6510 on Wed 7th Aug 2013 09:00 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by tupp"
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I know quite a number of Apple users, people who you'd probably describe as "fanboys" because well, they are Apple users.

When the topic of who invented what first comes up most ehm... it's hard to say what most say or claim because that topic never comes up.

People who appreciate Apple products appreciate Apple products (and not excluding other brands either) and don't care much if Apple was or wasn't the first.

if you are an Apple user in the here and now then ancient Apple products are very interesting.

I have a suspicion that for some strange reason a number of Apple dislikers project all kinds of bad things on "Apple fanboys" and try to make this group a large as possible and then try to explain why they are so wrong.

Should you visit me at home you'll find a large collection of Apple stuff, not just technology but also clothes, watches, a flag, cups, ashtray (I don't smoke), a jogging suit (unwearable without looking too retro), a jacket and probably a lot more. That should make me more a fanboy than most, but honestly I don't give a crap about who was first with the GUI, PDA or whatever. For all I care Apple can finish last in each and every who-was-first category.

For me matters execution and end result. Apple does this very well and I like it. I also love old Hewlett-Packard calculators (RPN ones) and yes I have the legendary HP-16C.. and the 15C. I also love Commodore computers (and prefer Amiga OS over Classic Mac OS)... and Sharp Pocket PCs (I have the Sharp PC-1500).

What I'm trying to say is that people who use Apple stuff or even have a lot of Apple logo's at home don't necessary ignore or dislike other stuff or even care if Apple wins the Noble prize for inventions or doesn't even qualify to be even considered.

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