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In product lore, high profile gadgets that get killed are often more interesting than the ones that succeed. The Kin, the HP TouchPad, and the Edsel are all case studies in failure - albeit for different reasons. Yet in the history of those killings, nothing compared to the Apple Newton MessagePad. The Newton wasn't just killed, it was violently murdered, dragged into a closet by its hair and kicked to death in its youth by one of technology’s great men. And yet it was a remarkable device, one whose influence is still with us today. The Ur tablet. The first computer designed to free us utterly from the desktop.

'First' is debatable, but this was definitely an interesting product. It was far too complex though, and the simpler, more focussed Palm Pilot then showed the market how mobile computing ought to work - something Apple took to heart a decade later with the iPhone.

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by tupp on Wed 7th Aug 2013 18:35 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by tupp"
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Apple makes better products, on average, than the computer company you prefer. I guarantee it.

Well, if you guarantee it, that certainly makes it so.

Use a million words to try to tell people that they don't like something made better, designed better, supported better. But their products don't change their value based on your wordy takedowns.

How ironic.

I asked for a simple list of items that Apple originated. What I got back from the Apple camp was a verbose (800 words) that meandered around and avoided the scrutiny of an actual list: I had to make a concise list myself out of that hodgepodge.

I merely responded to all of the points in this lengthy response with diligence. I didn't want to have to address all of those off-topic, avoidance points (as I am doing again with this post).

For many years Apple customers report higher satisfaction with their purchased product.

Soma users report higher satisfaction with their product, as well.

What folks in the rdf perceive has nothing to do with what is actually the reality.

Your arguments don't address that whatsoever, because the proof is too strong.

I certainly don't want to address that anymore than I just did, because it is irrelevant and, more importantly, off-topic.

Products are made to be bought and enjoyed and then bought again from the same company when it is time for upgrade.

Have fun in your continuous and costly cycle.

I've been using Apple and other companies' hardware and software for 30+ years now. Apple is consistently better built and better designed, with a longer usable life, better user comfort, and higher resale value than other makers.

I have used Apple computers and software since the first Mac, and I still do (not by choice). Of course, I have used other computers, some by "other companies" and some not.

I have found (especially in the last 12 years) that Apple consistently puts form over function, at the expense of usability, reliability, upgradability and compatibility. I could go on and site examples and give links, but that is not the topic of this thread.

This site, and mainland europe in general, seems very anti-mac, but it's based in so much ignorance of just owning and using the things.


Anyone who argues about inventions and patents re: apple has no idea what it's like to just use one and count on one.

Oh, believe me, I have had to count on many Macs for my living. How I wished I could have used something else!

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