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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I wrote this almost exactly three years ago, to much debate:

Sure, Apple will most likely still make far more money per sold iPhone device than competitors will per Android phone, but the trend is clear: as much as I love my iPhone, it will be relegated to a ~10% market share figure within a few quarters.

It took a little longer than "a few quarters", but here we are. Android has revolutionised the smartphone market. I'm not particularly happy about that (both Android and Samsung are far too dominant, which is bad for the market and thus for consumers), but there it is.

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Apples vs Androids
by Nelson on Wed 7th Aug 2013 21:27 UTC
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I think Android's meteoric rise can be attributed to near perfect timing and an almost unilateral tunnel vision by everyone else in the market except Apple.

Android filled a "not an iPhone" void which helped catapult it into relevance. From there, Android morphed into this all encompassing hundred headed hydra that runs on everything from phones to tablets to watches to glasses. Its impressive how Google effectively used Microsoft's own playbook against them (While Microsoft tried to emulate the iPhone's strategy, or at least a happy medium in 2010).

Android was the OS for everybody. HTC wanted to put a shitty skin on it? Fuck yeah, go ahead. Samsung? Why not? Skin it too. You want a dual screen landscape flip phone, or (even today) a 5 inch monster with volume buttons on the back? Android is your thing.

Want the freedom to tinker as you please, want to include uninstallable crapware from OEMs/Carriers? The answer is yes and yes.

Want to run on every SoC under the sun, across every possible permutation of screen size and resolution? All Android baby.

Some might argue its flexible to a fault, but you can't argue that this strategy hasn't been fruitful for Google's intended purpose: Getting Google services infront of users on their own time. Without relying on Windows.

Google transformed itself from essentially a Windows software vendor to a global services phenom with the most widely used smartphone OS under its wing.

Android has become the Windows of the mobile phone OSes.

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